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Tony Howe Branding

tony howe

Creative Director

Delivering results for my clients has always been my centre of attention. I work to bring my client’s visions for their brands to life across the visual, physical and digital worlds and I constantly strive to position our customers at the very top of their field for industry visually.

My proudest achievements are the successful ROI’s I have consistently delivered my clients and in being seen as a creative partner rather than just a supplier. Having a foundation in graphic reproduction it was a natural fit for me to move into the field of graphic design some 30 years again before immersing myself in brand strategy.

I work to understand my clients product or services before researching their target market’s needs and synthesising a creative solution that will fulfil those needs. I believe that to help your brand to be success it needs to tell a great story and be accurately positioned and that’s where I can assist by bringing our brand and its reputation to life through messaging and visual identity.

Talk to me: 0409 229 022
Morel Hudson Marketing Digital Marketing

morel hudson

Marketing Director

Winning over the Long Run is always my focus. Truly understanding the goals and objectives of the client’s needs is the key to increasing the probability of success in the high risk investment environment of sales and marketing.

I’m a veteran of sales and marketing with over 30 years industry experience in both Australia and overseas. I’m a B2B specialist and have worked extensively with SMEs and large corporates over the journey.

My chemistry involves big ideas, authenticity, a ROI focus, the skillsets needed, the love of the challenge, being honest and transparent and most importantly ensuring that my client and I are aligned on the same page.

Sales and marketing is always risky and particularly in today’s evolving B2B sales and marketing space. Having old school experience blended into the new age digital landscape is a valuable asset I bring to each project.

Talk to me: 0402 037 023
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